While putting on the wetsuit is frequently a delicate task For lots of divers specially when the Sunlight tends to make you sweat and your apparel glue on the pores and skin. Nonetheless it is crucial to learn This method so as not to damage your neoprene and improve the life of it.See our tips to stay away from any inconvenience and place your neo… Read More

Robustness and flexibility: All these are the main qualities of Suunto gearLaunched in 1936, the Suunto has created diving gear are the greatest allies of the fans of this kind of sport. All things considered, these are materials which are distinguished by their robustness and versatility, along with having an advanced design .Thanks to Suunto subs… Read More

Just after your scuba regulator, a scuba BCD will probably be your largest expenditure in a very bit of scuba equipment.The dump valves are very well placed. The dump/overpressure valves can easily be used thanks to the pull dump handles.It is sweet to understand that the device attributes two cargo pockets which may be zipped for maximum safety. A… Read More